Ukraine war map today, as of Apr. 27

Ukraine war map today, as of Apr. 27

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

In the Kherson region, 5 LANCET and 1 Merlin-VR UAVs were destroyed, reports the Air Force of Ukraine.

Ukrainian artillery hit a firing point of Russian forces along with ammunition south of the town of Orikhiv

Russian forces have advanced further west through the city of Bakhmut. Meanwhile the exit road of Bakhmut is under direct fire whenever movement is detected by AGTM and heavy artillery.

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

General Updates:

We are ready to discuss any peace plan that does not lead to a freeze of the conflict or to Ukraine surrendering territories to Russia, head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Kuleba said in an interview.

The Leopard 2 service and repair center, created for Ukraine, will start operating at Bumar Labedy SA Mechanical Plant in Gliwice in May.

Slovenia delivered 20 6×6 Valuk APCs to Ukraine in complete secrecy. This is reported by Slovenian media.

China will seek the earliest possible ceasefire in Ukraine,” Xi Jinping in a conversation with Zelenskyi.

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