Ukraine war map today, as of May. 12

Ukraine war map today, as of May. 12

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Russian forces has advanced northeast of the city of Avdiivka and taken control of the village of Kam’yanka.

In Bakhmut after successful counterattack Ukrainian forces has regained full control of the O0506 and a large buffer has been constructed towards Berkhivka. The Industrial College and surroundings were also recaptured.

In the vicinity of Kreminna, Russian troops have taken over the Zakhidna filtration plant just east of Bilohorivka. Heavy Fighting takes place there at the eastern entrance of the town.

General Updates:

Poland already trasferred 14 MIG-29 fighters to Ukraine, The Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU Andrzej Sadoś said.

Ben Wallace has just confirmed that the UK is donating an undisclosed amount of long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine.

Colonel Martin O’Donnell, Speaker of the US Command in Europe and Africa said that Ukraine received 600 types of weapons for the counteroffensive.

Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf Kristersson together with the Minister of Justice of Sweden, Gunnar Strömmer tested the CV-90 IFV of which 51 will go to Ukraine.

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