Ukraine war map today, as of May. 13

Ukraine war map today, as of May. 13

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

In Bakhmut the battles in the western district have intensified in the light of success on the flanks, heavy artillery and street battles continue into the night.

After three days of counteroffensive actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Bakhmut direction, 17.3 km² were liberated.

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

General Updates:

Ukraine received $132 million in credit financing from the World Bank to support agriculture, the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance reported.

Abrams tanks arrived in Germany ahead of schedule for the training of Ukrainian troops, reports Associated Press. Training should start in 2-3 weeks and will last 10 weeks.

Ukraine will receive the pledged 31 Abrams tanks at the beginning of autumn, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said.

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