Ukraine war map today, as of May. 16

Ukraine war map today, as of May. 16

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Russian Forces attacked the Kyiv region with cruise missiles and Geran kamikaze drones. Ukrainian Officials have stated that this Missile Attack on Kyiv was “Exceptional in its Density” and that it appears to have been attempting to Target a number of Ukrainian Air Defense Sites.

Near Avdiivka, after failed Russian attacks from Kruta Balka, the initiative is now with Ukraine. Around Kupyansk, Russia claims control over Masyutivka, proof is still needed to confirm.

Russian forces have advanced to positions deep within the ‘citadel’, Ukraine’s stronghold in the Bakhmut city.

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

General Updates:

Hungary has blocked the allocation of a new €500 million tranche for Ukraine from the European Peace Fund. Budapest has demanded guarantees that the EPF will maintain its global horizon in the future and not be used solely to arm Ukraine.

The White House is discussing a new military aid package for Ukraine, and it will be timed to keep support for Ukraine flowing, said a senior administration official speaking ahead of an official announcement.

The United Kingdom will start basic training for Ukrainian pilots on different kind of aircrafts in the summer and is working with other countries on a possible shipment of F-16s to Ukraine, the UK government reports.

The United Kingdom will transfer hundreds of air defence missiles and new long-range attack drones to Ukraine with a range of more than 200 km, Reuters reports with reference to sources within the British government.

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