BNB Chain Assures Community Amidst Potential Liquidation of Massive BNB Token Holdings

Picture Source: BeIncrypto

The BNB Chain has recently taken decisive action to address concerns surrounding the potential liquidation of a substantial number of BNB tokens. With over 924,830 BNB tokens at stake, fears of a sharp price drop due to liquidations have been circulating within the community. However, BNB Chain has stepped up to alleviate these concerns by offering to take over the positions if the liquidity threshold is reached. This move aims to prevent any adverse impact on the token’s price resulting from forced sell-offs.

The Looming Liquidation:

A hacker associated with the BNB Chain currently holds a significant lending position of 924,830 BNB tokens on the decentralized finance platform, Venus Protocol. Should the hacker fail to repay the loan or increase their deposit, their position could face forced closure, leading to increased selling pressure and potential market instability.

BNB Chain’s Rescue Initiative:

In response to this potential crisis, the BNB Chain has chosen to prioritize the stability and well-being of its community. A governance proposal, passed by the community in the previous year, grants the BNB Chain permission to whitelist the liquidation of the hacker’s position. This measure aims to prevent any adverse effects on the token’s price due to mass sell-offs.

Reassurances from BNB Chain:

Seeking to reaffirm its commitment to the community, the BNB Chain took to Twitter to address the concerns directly. In a recent tweet, they stated that, according to the governance proposal, the BNB Chain core would assume control of the hacker’s $BNB position if the token’s price were to reach the liquidation threshold. This statement provided a sense of security and stability for BNB holders.

Positive Market Response:

Following BNB Chain’s announcement, the market exhibited a notable positive response. Wu Blockchain estimated the liquidation price for the exploiter’s position to be around $220. However, the token’s value experienced a significant surge of approximately 6.87% within a few hours of the announcement. Presently, BNB is trading at $235.60, signaling renewed investor confidence in the wake of the BNB Chain’s commitment to safeguard the community’s interests.

Previous Exploits:

This recent incident is not the first time BNB Chain has faced challenges from hackers. In October 2022, a hacker identified as 0x489a managed to steal two million BNB tokens, distributing the funds across various liquidity pools. Such incidents highlight the ongoing need for robust security measures and proactive responses within the BNB ecosystem.

Binance Delists Trading Pairs:

In an unrelated development, Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the delisting of over 19 spot trading pairs. These trading pairs will be removed from the exchange on Wednesday. While this move may have limited immediate impact on the BNB token, it underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and the need for platforms to regularly review and adjust their offerings.


The BNB Chain’s proactive approach in addressing the potential liquidation of over 924,830 BNB tokens demonstrates its commitment to maintaining stability and protecting the interests of its community. By reassuring BNB holders that the chain will take over the positions if the liquidity threshold is reached, they have mitigated fears of a sudden price drop due to forced sell-offs. The positive market response further signifies the community’s confidence in the BNB Chain’s ability to manage such challenges. As the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to evolve, it is crucial for platforms and exchanges to remain vigilant, implement robust security measures, and prioritize the well-being of their users.