Ukraine War

British Intelligence update on Ukraine as of Jun. 16

As the situation in Ukraine remains tense, recent developments have shed light on the ongoing conflict. The latest report from British intelligence reveals significant events, including the unfortunate death of General-Major Sergei Goryachev and the challenging history of the 35th Combined Arms Army (35 CAA).

Fall of a Russian General

On or around June 12, 2023, General-Major Sergei Goryachev, the chief of staff of the 35th Combined Arms Army, was likely killed in a strike on a command post in southern Ukraine. General Goryachev’s death marks the first confirmed case of a Russian general being killed in Ukraine since the beginning of this year. The circumstances surrounding his death are currently under investigation.

Acting Army Commander

With General-Lieutenant Alexandr Sanchik, the nominated commander of the 35 CAA, reportedly filling a higher position within the chain of command, General-Major Goryachev might have been serving as the acting army commander at the time of his death. This situation presents a significant challenge for the 35 CAA, as it potentially loses both its chief of staff and acting commander.

A Controversial War Record

The 35th Combined Arms Army, throughout its involvement in the conflict, has faced difficulties and controversies. In March 2022, elements of the army were allegedly present during the tragic massacre of civilians in Bucha, a town near Kyiv. This incident raised international concern and led to widespread condemnation.

Additionally, in June 2022, the 35 CAA suffered a severe blow when the majority of its forces were decimated near Izium. The extent of the casualties dealt a significant setback to the army, further complicating its operations in the region.

Implications and Assessment

The loss of General-Major Goryachev represents a notable setback for the Russian forces operating in Ukraine. As the chief of staff and potentially the acting army commander, his death leaves a void in the 35th Combined Arms Army’s leadership structure. This void may hinder the army’s operational capabilities and decision-making processes in the near term.

The 35 CAA’s troubled history, marred by allegations of civilian massacres and substantial losses in battle, raises questions about its effectiveness and command structure. These incidents have further strained international relations and fueled calls for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


The recent events in Ukraine, as reported by British intelligence, highlight the complex and volatile nature of the ongoing conflict. The death of General-Major Goryachev underscores the risks faced by military personnel involved in the conflict, while the challenges faced by the 35th Combined Arms Army add to the complexities of the situation.

As the world continues to monitor developments in Ukraine, it remains crucial to pursue diplomatic channels and engage in meaningful dialogue to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The international community must remain vigilant and committed to supporting efforts aimed at de-escalation and ensuring the well-being of all parties involved.

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