Russia’s combat losses as of Jun. 22

Source: General Staff Ukraine

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has witnessed a recent surge in hostilities, with the Armed Forces of Ukraine reporting significant combat losses inflicted upon the Russian military. As of June 22, the Ukrainian armed forces released estimates detailing the toll on Russian personnel and equipment, underscoring the intensity of the clashes.

Personnel Losses:

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia suffered a heavy blow in terms of personnel losses. Yesterday alone, approximately 650 Russian personnel were reportedly killed or injured in the clashes. This staggering figure underscores the intensity of the fighting and the high human cost of the conflict. The loss of such a significant number of personnel will undoubtedly impact Russia’s military capabilities in the region.

Losses in Armor:

In addition to personnel losses, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russia also incurred substantial losses in armored vehicles. The Ukrainian military claimed that seven tanks and twelve armored personnel carriers (APCs) were destroyed or captured during the recent clashes. This indicates a significant setback for the Russian military, as the loss of these armored vehicles diminishes their offensive capabilities and weakens their ground presence.

Artillery and UAV Losses:

The conflict also witnessed significant losses for Russia in terms of artillery systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, twenty-one artillery systems were either destroyed or rendered inoperable. This includes self-propelled howitzers and multiple rocket launchers, which are crucial for long-range firepower. Additionally, ten UAVs, used for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes, were reportedly neutralized by Ukrainian forces. The loss of these assets further limits Russia’s ability to gather intelligence and carry out targeted strikes effectively.

Vehicle Losses:

Russian military convoys and logistical support suffered notable losses during the recent clashes. Ukrainian forces claimed to have destroyed eleven vehicles used for transport and supply purposes. The destruction of these vehicles hampers Russia’s ability to sustain its operations and underscores the vulnerability of their supply lines.

Implications and Conclusion:

The escalating combat losses suffered by Russia in the ongoing Ukraine war highlight the intensity and volatility of the conflict. The significant personnel casualties, coupled with the loss of tanks, APCs, artillery systems, UAVs, and vehicles, showcase the Ukrainian forces’ resilience and effectiveness in countering Russian aggression. These losses may not only impact Russia’s military capabilities but also potentially strain their resources and morale.

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