Ukraine war map today, as of Jun. 23

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

According to the latest reports fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the offensive operations were able to break through Russian defenses near Robotyne.

In the area north of Mar’inka, the Ukrainian forces has made progress. Russia’s defensive line was penetrated by more than 1 kilometer these defensive lines held by Russian troops since 2014 were recently taken over, creating a bigger buffer zone.

Adviser to the head of Office of the President Mykhailo Podolyak confirmed the Russian attempt to attack the Kryvyi Rih dam with Kinzhal missiles.

General Updates:

Ukrainian President Zelenskyi said that the counteroffensive of the AFU will take place in the same way as in fall 2022.

Israelian news outlet Haaretz claims that Israel will sell hundreds of its tanks to Cyprus, which will replace their T-80Us, which in turn will be transferred to Ukraine.

The Estonian government supported Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur’s proposal to send another foreign hospital to Ukraine in cooperation with Iceland. In addition, this aid package provides equipment for doctors, deminers and drone protection.

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