Ukraine war map today, as of Jun. 29

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

South of Bakhmut near Klishchiivka, Ukrainian forces reportedly surrounded a part of a Russian VDV company of which most of them allegedly surrendered.

Ukrainian forces continues to hold positions near Antonivskyi bridge. Some Ukrainian units were also spotted on the Dnipro islands south of Kherson.

General Updates:

President Duda from Poland has paid an unannounced visit to Kyiv. He will speak to President Zelenskyi about several subjects like the summit in Vilnius and the security of the Zaporizhzia NPP.

Ukraine is negotiating with Poland about the acquisition of NSM surface-to-surface missile systems. Poland has two full systems right now. It is unknown wether Ukraine wants to buy used or new systems.

Lithuania will transfer 10 additional M113 armored personnel carriers and ammunition to Ukraine. This was announced today by the Minister of Defense of Lithuania, Arvydas Anušauskas.

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