Wagner Troops have Entered Voronezh

Picture Source: Tendar on Twitter

It has been reported by pro-Wagner sources that Wagner troops have entered Voronezh. If this information proves to be accurate, the capture of Voronezh would signify a significant development for the Wagner group, potentially granting them control over the second Oblast’s capital.

According to a report from Reuters news agency, citing a source within the special services, it has been stated that “Wagner has occupied all military facilities in Voronezh.” This development suggests that the Wagner group has successfully taken control of key military installations within the city.

The implications of such an event could have far-reaching consequences, as it would consolidate Wagner’s command over a strategically important area. However, it’s important to note that these reports should be verified through reliable and independent sources, as the nature of conflict-related information can be complex and subject to various interpretations.

According to Reuters news agency with reference to a source in the special services “Wagner occupied all military facilities in Voronezh”.

Currently, the traffic situation from Voronezh to Moscow is experiencing a complete blockage, causing significant disruptions for commuters and travelers. Situated as a midway point between Rostov and Moscow, Voronezh serves as an important junction along this route. The distance between Voronezh and Moscow by car typically takes around 6 hours under normal circumstances

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