British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Jul. 15

British Intelligence update on Ukraine War as of Jul. 15

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has not only resulted in devastating consequences on the ground but has also exposed internal turmoil within the Russian military. According to a recent update from British intelligence, the removal of General-Major Ivan Popov, commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army, highlights growing dissent among senior officers towards the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) leadership. The leaked video message by Popov, in which he openly criticized the top brass, sheds light on the deep disaffection prevalent within the ranks. Such internal divisions pose a significant challenge to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff General Gerasimov.

Dismissal of General-Major Ivan Popov:

British intelligence reports that General-Major Ivan Popov, formerly in command of the 58th Combined Arms Army, was relieved of his duties, marking another instance of commanders being sacked since the start of the invasion of Ukraine. However, what sets Popov’s dismissal apart is the reason behind it. According to sources, Popov was allegedly removed from his position not due to any alleged poor performance but because he voiced concerns regarding the actions of the MoD leadership.

Scathing Criticism in the Leaked Video:

In a leaked video intended for his troops, General-Major Popov delivered a scathing attack on the Russian MoD leadership. He accused them of betraying the military by “hitting us from the rear, viciously beheading the Army at the most difficult and intense moment.” This unprecedented public criticism from a high-ranking officer sheds light on the growing discontent within the military and suggests a broader problem within the chain of command.

Disaffection and Echoes of Wagner Group Owner’s Mutiny:

Popov’s comments resonate with the complaints previously expressed by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the owner of the notorious Wagner Group, who staged a mutiny in June 2023. The fact that officers at different levels are voicing similar concerns highlights a deeper issue of dissatisfaction within the Russian military hierarchy. Such sentiments from subordinates are likely to pose an increasing problem for Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff General Gerasimov, as they struggle to maintain control and confidence within their ranks.

Implications and Challenges for Russian Military Leadership:

The British intelligence update underscores the significance of the internal divisions and disaffection within the Russian military leadership. The discontent expressed by high-ranking officers like General-Major Popov and the mutiny led by Yevgeny Prigozhin serve as stark reminders of the challenges faced by Defence Minister Shoigu and General Gerasimov. It indicates that the military’s confidence in their leadership is waning, posing a potential obstacle to the effective command and control of forces engaged in the Ukraine War.


The latest intelligence update from British sources sheds light on the growing dissent and disaffection among senior officers within the Russian military leadership. The removal of General-Major Ivan Popov and his scathing criticism of the MoD leadership in a leaked video indicate a deepening rift between commanders and their superiors. These internal divisions pose significant challenges for Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff General Gerasimov as they seek to maintain unity and control within the Russian military amid the ongoing Ukraine War. The implications of this discontent among subordinates are likely to impact the dynamics of the conflict and potentially undermine Russia’s military operations in the region.

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