British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Jul. 17

British Intelligence update on Ukraine War as of Jul. 17

As the Ukraine War continues, British intelligence has provided an update on the conflict as of July 17. Following the dismissal of General-Major Ivan Popov as commander of Russia’s 58th Combined Arms Army (58 CAA), revelations have emerged regarding the lack of counter-battery provision and the worsening shortage of counter-battery radars faced by Russian forces. These developments shed light on the critical role of artillery and the challenges Russia faces in detecting and neutralizing Ukrainian artillery positions.

General Popov’s Concerns and Lack of Counter-Battery Provision:

General-Major Ivan Popov, after being removed from his position in Ukraine, cited the lack of counter-battery provision as one of his key complaints. Russian ground forces heavily rely on effectively detecting Ukrainian artillery and launching counterattacks against it, often using their own artillery. Counter-battery radars play a crucial role in this strategy by providing commanders with the ability to quickly locate enemy artillery positions.

Worsening Shortage of Counter-Battery Radars:

British intelligence reports indicate that Russia is facing a growing shortage of counter-battery radars, particularly the modern ZOOPARK-1M systems. It is estimated that only a few operational ZOOPARK radars remain in Ukraine out of the originally deployed fleet. Open-source footage has even shown the destruction of another ZOOPARK radar near the area controlled by the 58 CAA in early July 2023. The prioritization of this issue by General Popov underscores the continued significance of artillery in the ongoing conflict.

Artillery’s Centrality in the Conflict:

The intelligence update highlights the crucial role of artillery in the Ukraine War. Both Russian and Ukrainian forces heavily rely on artillery support, making the effective detection and neutralization of enemy artillery positions a vital component of their strategies. The shortage of counter-battery radars poses a challenge for Russian forces in effectively targeting and neutralizing Ukrainian artillery, further emphasizing the importance of this issue in the conflict.


The British intelligence report provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the Ukraine War. The concerns raised by General Popov regarding the lack of counter-battery provision and the shortage of counter-battery radars shed light on the challenges faced by Russian forces. The centrality of artillery in the conflict remains evident, and the ability to detect and strike enemy artillery positions plays a critical role in both sides’ strategies. As the war continues, the availability and effectiveness of counter-battery radars will continue to shape the dynamics on the ground.

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