Parrot Finance Faces Backlash Over Controversial PRT Redemption Scheme

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Parrot Finance, a prominent Solana-based DeFi lending protocol, is currently embroiled in a heated debate as its developers propose transitioning to a tokenless system. The plan aims to redeem existing PRT tokens for USDC, unlocking value for token holders but potentially resulting in substantial losses for early investors. However, the proposal has sparked fury among investors who argue that they will bear the brunt of the losses while insiders could profit disproportionately from the detokenization process.

The Proposed PRT Redemption Scheme

In a bid to transform into a tokenless protocol, the Parrot developer team initiated a vote on the matter. If passed, the proposal would involve distributing the $50 million held in the Parrot treasury among PRT token holders. With the tokens currently valued at $0.0045 each, IDO (Initial DEX Offering) participants would only recoup a mere fraction of their initial investment.

Investors Fuming at the Prospect of Massive Losses

Early supporters of Parrot Finance have already experienced substantial losses, as the value of PRT tokens has plummeted by over 80% since the project’s initial sale. The proposed redemption scheme has further heightened their dissatisfaction, with many feeling cheated by the developers.

Some investors have expressed their discontent, labeling the proposal as a “pure financial crime.” Concerns have been raised that the Parrot team could cash out any unclaimed funds following the 8-week redemption period, potentially benefiting more than the IDO investors who initially provided liquidity for the protocol. Moreover, Parrot developers would retain control of assets not utilized for the PRT redemption, leaving insiders with an additional $21 million from the $71 million treasury.

Parrot’s Promise of Decentralization Remains Unfulfilled

Parrot Finance had promised its early investors that they would retain control over the project’s governance. However, this pledge has not materialized as expected. The proposed tokenless transition is paradoxically the first instance where Parrot has employed its decentralized decision-making framework.

Instead of allowing its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to participate in voting on critical design issues and protocol development, the Parrot developers have taken unilateral decisions on several occasions. Notably, the team unlocked a substantial number of tokens well ahead of schedule in November, granting themselves majority token-holder status. Consequently, community members have criticized the voting process as a mere facade lacking true decentralization.


Parrot Finance finds itself at a crossroads as it confronts the heated backlash from investors over its proposed PRT redemption scheme and transition to a tokenless system. While the move aims to unlock value for token holders, it has left early supporters bitter and frustrated, alleging unfair treatment and a lack of decentralization within the project. As the voting process unfolds and community concerns persist, the future trajectory of Parrot Finance hangs in the balance, with significant implications for the broader DeFi community’s trust and faith in decentralized governance models.

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