Russia’s combat losses as of Jul. 13

Source: General Staff Ukraine

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been a source of international concern for several years. On July 13, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, significant combat losses were incurred by the Russian forces. The following data highlights the extent of the losses suffered by Russia in terms of personnel, tanks, armored personnel carriers (APCs), artillery systems, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and vehicles.

Personnel Losses:

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia experienced a significant blow to its military personnel on July 13, with a reported loss of 510 personnel. This figure indicates the severity of the clashes and the toll it has taken on the Russian military.


The conflict on July 13 resulted in the destruction of two Russian tanks. Tanks are heavily armored and possess significant firepower, making their loss a significant setback for the Russian forces. The destruction of these tanks demonstrates the effectiveness of Ukraine’s defensive capabilities and their ability to neutralize Russian armor.

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs):

Ukraine’s Armed Forces reported the destruction of nine Russian APCs on July 13. APCs serve as crucial transportation and support vehicles for ground troops. Their loss suggests that Ukrainian forces were able to effectively engage and neutralize Russian armored vehicles, further undermining Russia’s operational capabilities.

Artillery Systems:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed to have destroyed 23 Russian artillery systems. Artillery plays a critical role in modern warfare, providing long-range firepower and the ability to strike targets from a safe distance. The loss of these systems hampers Russia’s ability to project force and poses a significant setback for their offensive operations.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):

Russia’s UAV capabilities suffered a significant blow on July 13, with 26 UAVs reportedly destroyed by Ukrainian forces. UAVs have become increasingly important in modern warfare, providing valuable surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, as well as the ability to carry out precision strikes. The loss of these UAVs limits Russia’s situational awareness and hampers their ability to gather intelligence.


According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 17 Russian vehicles were destroyed on July 13. Vehicles serve as essential logistical support and transportation assets for military operations. The destruction of these vehicles impedes Russia’s ability to maneuver troops and supplies, further hindering their operational effectiveness.


The combat losses suffered by Russia on July 13, as reported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, indicate a significant setback for the Russian military in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The destruction of personnel, tanks, APCs, artillery systems, UAVs, and vehicles highlights the effectiveness of Ukraine’s defensive operations and their ability to counter Russian aggression. The situation serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of the conflict and the significant human and material costs involved. The international community continues to closely monitor the situation in the region, with hopes for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing hostilities.

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