Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Jul. 29

Source: General Staff Ukraine

The ongoing armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in significant combat losses on the Russian side, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s latest report as of July 29, 2023. The data released by the Ukrainian military highlights the toll the conflict has taken on Russian personnel and military equipment.


As of the mentioned date, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that 390 Russian personnel have been killed, injured, or captured during the course of the conflict. The loss of personnel signifies the severity and intensity of the fighting on the ground.


The report indicates that the Russian forces have lost one tank during the hostilities. Tanks are crucial assets on the battlefield, and their loss can have a significant impact on the ground operations.

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs):

Russian forces have suffered the loss of six armored personnel carriers (APCs) in the conflict. APCs are essential for troop transportation and support during military operations, and their destruction can hamper the mobility and effectiveness of ground forces.

Artillery Systems:

The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ report indicates that Russia has lost eleven artillery systems. Artillery plays a critical role in providing fire support and heavy firepower on the battlefield. The loss of these systems can reduce the Russian military’s ability to carry out offensive operations.


Seven additional vehicles have been reported as losses on the Russian side. Vehicles, including trucks and other military transport, are vital for logistics and transportation of troops and supplies.

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The provided data offers a glimpse into the significant combat losses experienced by the Russian military during the ongoing Ukraine War. The loss of personnel, tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery systems, and vehicles underscores the intensity and complexity of the conflict. As the situation remains fluid and unpredictable, both sides continue to bear heavy casualties and equipment losses, leading to devastating consequences on the ground. It’s important to note that the situation may evolve rapidly, and the figures provided are subject to change as the conflict progresses.

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