Russia’s combat losses as of Jul. 9

Source: General Staff Ukraine

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have reported significant combat losses suffered by the Russian military. According to the latest data released on July 9, the Russian forces have experienced a substantial increase in casualties and equipment losses. The following report outlines the specific losses incurred by the Russian side in the conflict as of July 9, as disclosed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Personnel Losses:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have reported that the Russian military has suffered a significant blow in terms of personnel losses. Yesterday’s report indicated that over 600 personnel were killed in action during clashes with Ukrainian forces. The loss of such a substantial number of soldiers reflects the intensity of the ongoing conflict and highlights the heavy toll it is taking on the Russian side.

Armor and Vehicles:

In addition to the personnel losses, the Russian military also experienced significant damage to their armored assets. Four tanks and eleven armored personnel carriers (APCs) were reportedly destroyed in the clashes. The destruction of these armored vehicles underscores the intensity of the fighting on the ground, with both sides fiercely engaging in combat and seeking to gain tactical advantages.

Artillery Systems:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have disclosed that the Russian forces lost twenty artillery systems in the latest clashes. These systems play a crucial role in providing fire support and shelling enemy positions. The destruction of such a substantial number of artillery systems indicates that Ukrainian forces have been able to effectively target and neutralize Russian firepower, thereby diminishing the capabilities of the opposing forces.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):

The conflict in Ukraine has witnessed a proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which have become increasingly significant in modern warfare. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reported that they successfully shot down nineteen Russian UAVs during the recent clashes. This achievement demonstrates the Ukrainian forces’ ability to counter the Russian military’s aerial surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, hampering their ability to gather intelligence on Ukrainian positions.


The latest report from the Armed Forces of Ukraine sheds light on the significant combat losses suffered by the Russian military in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. With over 600 personnel casualties, including the loss of tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and vehicles, the Russian side has experienced a severe setback in its efforts to assert control over Ukrainian territories. These losses underscore the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian forces, who continue to defend their sovereignty against the Russian incursion. As the conflict persists, it remains to be seen how these losses will impact the dynamics on the ground and the broader geopolitical landscape.

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