Ukraine war map today, as of Jul. 12

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

On Kherson axis Ukrainian forces has increased their presence near the bridgehead on the left bank and with the help of artillery, kicked the Russians back over the Konka river. Russian sources also reports about Ukrainian presence on the left bank of the Konka river south of Kherson.

North of Bakhmut there are early reports that large parts of Berkhivka are under Ukraine control, but this has not yet been confirmed.

On Velyka Novosilka axis Ukrainian forces advanced north of Pryyutne from the north east and west of the town. Fighting is now on the outskirts. Ukrainian forces bypassed Novodonets’ke and advanced west of it to create a bigger flank to attack Urozhaine.

General Updates:

President Zelenskyi arrived in Vilnius but didn’t speak on the summit itself. That will likely happen tomorrow. He did speak on a concert in Vilnius in support of Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

NATO allies have agreed to simplify the process of Ukraine’s entry into the North Atlantic Alliance, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

Denmark and The Netherlands announce the creation of a coalition to train Ukrainian pilots, technicians, and support staff for the F-16 fighter jet.

France will transfer long-range missiles to Ukraine to support the counteroffensive, French President Macron just confirmed in Vilnius.

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