Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Jul. 21

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Another brutal Russian attack on Ukraine, they targeted Odesa and Mykolaiv as their main targets. An administrative building in the center of Odesa was destroyed, 4 people were injured. Warehouses and logistic facilities were also targeted.

In Bakhmut while AFU controls the strategic heights, assault units are pushing mainly south of Klishchiivka and managed to enter new forest belts and clear parts of the tree line to Andriivka

Ukrainian forces have advanced to the edge of Kilshchiivka. Fighting is ongoing for the heights on the western edge of the settlement.

General Updates:

Ukraine will receive a $1.5 billion loan from the World Bank under the guarantee of the Government of Japan, Denys Shmyhal reports. The funds are intended to strengthen social protection and provide assistance to people during the war and to restore the economy.

The EU adopts new sanctions regime to counter Iran’s drone program which prohibits the export from the EU to Iran of components used in the construction and production of UAVs. It also provides for travel restrictions and asset freeze measures.

The US will announce an additional $400 million package to Ukraine in a few days, CNN writes. It will include munitions for NASAMS, missiles for Patriot and HIMARS. It will also include artillery shells, Javelin and TOW anti-tank systems.

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