Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Jul. 23

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

In Bakhmut Ukrainian forces has liberated more area towards Yahidne south of the railway. There are reports that the forces of Ukraine has started pushing from Orikhovo-Vasylivka along the M03.

In Svatove fighting is actively taking place on the west bank of the Zherebets river near Karmazynivka. Russian forces took the fighting inside the forest belt. Russians are trying to reach the strategically heights near Cherneschchyna.

A lot of fighting and artillery battles are going on the Kreminna forest. Russian forces tried to advance south of Dibrova but were met with heavy artillery and retreated.

General Updates:

The US plans to announce as soon as Tuesday a new military aid package for Ukraine worth up to $400 million, primarily comprised of artillery, air defense missiles and ground vehicles as Ukraine’s counteroffensive grinds on, US officials said.

Sweden will allocate €522 million for the reconstruction of Ukraine. It is said to be the largest funding program for bilateral assistance in Swedish history.

The British Ministry of Defense announced that a second group of Ukrainian servicemen has successfully completed training on the AS-90 self propelled howitzer.

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