Ukraine war map today, as of Jul. 24

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

At least 2 Explosions have so been reported in the Russian Capital of Moscow with both said to have been the result of “Kamikaze” Attack Drones.

In Bakhmut Russian sources report fighting in the southwestern outskirts of Klishchiivka. They also report that the Ukrainian forces reached very close to Andriivka.

In Svatove Russian forces have a significant bridgehead west of the Zherebets river and are advancing from Kovalivka towards Novojehorivka and from Karmazynivka through the forest belts towards Cherhneschchyna.

General Updates:

Russia is preparing for attacks on energy facilities, Ukrainian intelligence says. Deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Vadym Skibitskyi, said that the Russians are carrying out recon to identify the state of the energy system and identify objects.

Stoltenberg has convened a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine alliance for the first time in 3 days. Might have to do with the terror on Odesa and possible countermeasures.

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