Ukraine war map today, as of Jul. 26

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

The Armed forces of Ukraine drove the Russians out of Andriivka. This, as well as the liberation of other settlements around Bakhmut, will complete the encirclement of Bakhmut, Serhiy Cherevaty Spokesman for the Eastern Group said.

Osman from the 24th Aidar Batallion reports that half of Klishchiivka is under Ukrainian control. Also Russian sources are preliminary reporting that their forces have pulled out.

Russian forces has taken over the hamlets Serhiivka and Novojehorivka west of the Zherebets. Its looks like Russian goal is to reaching Borova.

General Updates:

Ukrainian developed UAV ‘Sirko’ entered mass production, a representative of SkyAssist reports. The drone is capable of finding targets at a 65km distance and can transmit video from a 25km range while only costing several thousands of dollars.

The US confirmed a new aid package to Ukraine valued at up to $400 million. It comes direct from Department of Defense stocks.

The Norwegian government has donated another €22 million to the EU fund that buys weapons for Ukraine. They will be used to purchase ammunition, as well as spare parts for Leopard 2 tanks.

German defense concern Rheinmetall announced that in the second half of 2023, Ukraine will take delivery of two Skynex air defence systems, including airburst munitions.

The EU paid another tranche of 1.5 billion Euro to Ukraine used for financial stabilization measures. The EU seeks to help Ukraine cover its immediate funding needs, with stable, predictable and sizeable financial support in 2023.

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