Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Jul. 31

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Ukraine is moving forward around Urozhaine and Pryyutne while also progress towards Melitopol is reported. The offensive is definitely picking up steam.

In Bakhmut the area of control north of Kurdyumivka has increased. This is based of movement and the confirmation that Russian forces are no longer present west of the railway tracks.

Armed forces of Ukraine has advanced towards Pryyutne and are pressing the flanks of Urozhaine. Ukrainian forces reached the road between Novodonets’ke and Kermenchyk.

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General Updates:

Ukraine received USD 1.5 billion in guarantees from Japan through the World Bank mechanism and will be used for recovering the economy and strengthening the social protection of the Ukrainian population.

The US Department of Defense will purchase a batch of 400-500 Starlink terminals for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The deal is intended to provide Ukraine with dedicated terminals/services to conduct operations without fearing Musk turning off the signal.

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