Ukrainian Writer and War Crimes Researcher, Victoria Amelina Dies Following Russian Missile Strike on Kramatorsk

Victoria Amelina, a renowned Ukrainian writer and dedicated war crimes researcher, tragically lost her life in a devastating missile strike on Kramatorsk. She sustained critical injuries while dining with a delegation of Colombian journalists and writers at a popular pizza restaurant in the city. Victoria’s untimely death leaves a void in Ukraine’s literary community and serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing conflict’s human cost.

A Celebrated Young Writer:

Victoria Amelina had established herself as one of Ukraine’s most celebrated young writers. Known for her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to her craft, she captivated readers with her profound storytelling. Through her words, she shed light on the realities of war and its impact on individuals and communities.

Advocacy for Peace and Justice:

Beyond her literary achievements, Victoria Amelina was a passionate advocate for peace and justice. As a war crimes researcher, she tirelessly investigated and documented human rights violations, particularly in conflict-ridden areas. Her commitment to exposing the truth and seeking justice for the victims of war was unwavering.

Contributions to Literary Festivals: Victoria’s altruistic nature extended beyond her writing and research. She was deeply committed to promoting literature and cultural exchange, recognizing their potential to bridge divides and foster understanding. In line with this vision, she founded two literary festivals—the first in New York, known as Donbas, and the second in her hometown of Kramatorsk.

The Donbas Literary Festival:

Victoria’s creation of the Donbas Literary Festival in New York aimed to showcase the resilience and creativity of the people living in the war-torn region of eastern Ukraine. The festival provided a platform for Ukrainian writers, artists, and intellectuals to share their stories and perspectives with an international audience. Through this initiative, Victoria sought to promote dialogue and raise awareness about the ongoing conflict.

The Kramatorsk Literary Festival:

Committed to nurturing her local community, Victoria also established a literary festival in Kramatorsk, her hometown. This event brought together writers, poets, and literature enthusiasts from Ukraine and beyond. The festival provided a space for artistic expression and intellectual exchange, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the city despite the challenging circumstances of the ongoing conflict.

Remembering Victoria Amelina:

Victoria’s sudden demise has left her loved ones, the literary community, and all those who knew her deeply saddened. She will be remembered as a gifted writer, a tireless advocate for justice, and a selfless individual who dedicated herself to uplifting others.

Her contributions to literature and her efforts to shed light on war crimes will continue to inspire aspiring writers and activists worldwide. Victoria’s legacy serves as a reminder of the power of storytelling to drive change and the importance of pursuing peace in even the darkest of times.


The passing of Victoria Amelina in the Russian missile strike on Kramatorsk is a devastating loss for Ukraine’s literary community. Her exceptional talent, dedication to justice, and efforts to promote cultural exchange through the literary festivals she founded will be sorely missed. As we remember Victoria’s remarkable contributions, we must continue to strive for peace and justice in the face of conflict, ensuring that her legacy lives on.

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