Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Aug. 7

Source: General Staff Ukraine

As of August 7, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has taken a heavy toll on the Russian military, with the Armed Forces of Ukraine reporting significant combat losses. The conflict has escalated, resulting in substantial personnel and equipment losses for the Russian forces. This article provides an overview of the reported losses, shedding light on the intensity and scale of the ongoing hostilities.

Personnel Losses: +540

The most profound loss in the Ukrainian War for Russia has been in personnel. According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian side has suffered the loss of 540 personnel. This indicates the high level of engagement and fierce fighting occurring on the ground.

Tanks: +07

The conflict has also seen a significant impact on Russian tank assets. The Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the destruction of seven tanks belonging to the Russian military. This indicates the use of armored vehicles in the ongoing hostilities and highlights the intensity of ground engagements.

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs): +08

Russian APCs have also been targeted and destroyed during the conflict. The Ukrainian forces reported taking out eight Russian APCs. These losses indicate the use of infantry support and transportation vehicles by the Russian military and their vulnerability in the hostile environment.

Artillery Systems: +12

Artillery plays a crucial role in the conflict, and its impact is evident in the reported losses. The Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that they have destroyed twelve Russian artillery systems. The loss of these systems showcases the effectiveness of counter-fire and targeting operations by the Ukrainian forces.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): +28

In modern warfare, UAVs play a critical role in reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. However, they are susceptible to being shot down in active combat zones. The Ukrainian forces reported downing twenty-eight Russian UAVs, signaling the importance of air superiority in the ongoing conflict.

Cruise Missiles: +18

The use of cruise missiles in the conflict further demonstrates the intensity and sophistication of the military operations. The Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the destruction of eighteen Russian cruise missiles. This indicates that both sides are employing advanced weaponry in their efforts to gain an advantage.

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Vehicles: +10

In addition to tanks and APCs, other types of vehicles have also been affected in the conflict. The Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that ten Russian military vehicles have been destroyed. These losses highlight the variety of assets deployed by the Russian forces in the theater of war.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine’s report on Russian combat losses in the ongoing Ukraine War illustrates the severity of the conflict and the significant toll it has taken on the Russian military. The high number of casualties, destroyed tanks, APCs, artillery systems, UAVs, cruise missiles, and vehicles underscore the intensity of the hostilities and the level of sophistication involved in the armed operations. The situation remains highly volatile and continues to impact the stability and security of the region.

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