Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Aug. 10

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Armed forces of Ukraine has attacked and entered the north of Urozhaine and the settlement is now contested. Ukrainian forces also carried out a raid across the river in the Kherson region, west of the town of Kozachi Laheri.

Russian equipment was burned west of Kozachi Laheri and the fighting is ongoing in the island area as well as the forest strip towards Chelburda. Russian forces weren’t able to dislodge Ukrainian forces, a bridgehead is established west of Kozachi Laheri.

Another missile attack by Russian forces on the civil infrastructure of Zaporizhzhia. A church, shops and a high rise apartment building were destroyed.

Armed Forces of the Ukraine hit the command post of the Russian army in the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka.

General Updates:

Matthew Miller, Spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State, confirmed in a briefing that the US will provide another aid package to Ukraine this week.

Germany confirmed it had sent another batch of military aid to Ukraine, including 2 Patriot launchers and other military equipment.

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