Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Aug. 17

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Heavy Fighting is reported to be ongoing to the Northeast of Robotyne on the Zaporizhzhia Frontline, with Elements of the 10th Operational Corps of the Ukrainian Ground Force equipped with Stryker IFVs and Challenger 2 Tanks now committed to an attempted Breakthrough near the Settlement.

CNN released exclusive footage of the naval drone operation by the SBU that hit the Crimean bridge. Similar drones called “Sea Baby” also hit the Olenegorsky Gornyak ship and SIG tanker in the Black Sea. They are developed by the SBU itself without help of private companies.

Russian media report that Ukrainian drones targeted the Kaluga region again with drones. The Russian MoD claims they shot down three drones.

General Updates:

The Spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, Yurii Ihnat stated today that it is now clear that Ukraine will not have F-16s to Protect the Skies over the Country this upcoming Fall or Winter with hopes that Training will begin in the Spring and that they will arrive by next Summer.

The European Commission will reallocate €135 million in funding once meant for Russia and Belarus to projects in Ukraine and Moldova, the Commission announced on Aug. 16.

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The Swiss government implemented a new set of sanctions against Russia on Aug. 16. The measures align with the European Union’s 11th package of sanctions from June 23.

Finland is building up a reserve of emergency supplies in case of a nuclear emergency in northern or eastern Europe, the Finnish Interior Ministry said on Aug. 16.

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