Ukraine war map today, as of Aug. 7

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Ukraine hit both the Heniches’k Strait bridge and the Chonhar bridge with Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG missiles. The Heniches’k Strait bridge seems to have taken the most damage.

Russia attacked Ukraine with a very big amount of cruise missiles and Shahed drones. In a first wave, 14 Kalibr cruise missiles were launched of which 12 were shot down. Also 3 Kinzhal missiles were launched, it is not disclosed wether these are shot down.

In a second wave, Russia launched 27 Shahed drones which were all shot down. Furthermore 5 out of 6 Kalibr cruise missiles and 13 out of 20 Kh-101/555 were shot down.

Ukrainian forces are actively fighting their way into Urozhaine coming from the north, west and the east. Russians claim to have a very bad situation there and complain about the lack of artillery.

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General Updates:

All countries that participate in the Saudi Arabia summit about Ukraine have reached common ground on respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Also a decision had been made to form working groups on key topics of the Ukrainian 10 points peace formula.

President Zelenskyi visited a Ukrainian Air Base where he awarded soldiers and other personnel, gave a speech and signed the Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG missiles that were handed over by The UK and France.

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