Azerbaijan Launches Military Operation in Karabakh

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has officially announced the commencement of a military operation in the Karabakh region. This move is aimed at ensuring and restoring the constitutional order of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The operation involves local anti-terrorism measures and the use of high-precision weapons to disable advanced positions, long-term firing points, combat vehicles, and military facilities of the Armenian Armed Forces. Notably, both the Russian peacekeeping contingent and the leadership of the Joint Turkish-Russian Monitoring Center have been informed about these measures.

Restoring Constitutional Order

The decision to launch a military operation in Karabakh is framed as an effort to restore the constitutional order of Azerbaijan. Karabakh, an ethnically Armenian region, has been a contentious and conflict-ridden area for decades, with both Armenia and Azerbaijan laying claim to the territory. This latest development underscores Azerbaijan’s determination to assert its sovereignty over the region.

Use of High-Precision Weapons

Azerbaijan’s military operation involves the utilization of high-precision weapons. This indicates a strategic approach aimed at targeting specific military assets and positions of the Armenian Armed Forces while minimizing collateral damage. High-precision weaponry is known for its accuracy and effectiveness in modern warfare.

Communication with Russian Peacekeepers and Turkish-Russian Monitoring Center

Crucially, Azerbaijan has maintained communication with both the Russian peacekeeping contingent and the Joint Turkish-Russian Monitoring Center. This step highlights an attempt to keep relevant stakeholders informed and potentially mitigate any unintended escalation of the conflict. Russia, in particular, has played a pivotal role in brokering ceasefires and maintaining stability in the region.


Azerbaijan’s announcement of a military operation in Karabakh to restore constitutional order signals a significant development in the long-standing conflict over the region. The use of high-precision weapons and the involvement of key regional actors, such as Russia and Turkey, add complexity to the situation. As the situation unfolds, the international community will closely monitor events in Karabakh and the broader implications for regional stability and peace efforts in the South Caucasus.

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