British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Sep. 16

As the Ukraine War continues into 2023, British intelligence agencies have provided a significant update on the ongoing conflict. Notably, the focus of this update revolves around Russia’s long-range strikes on Ukraine’s national energy infrastructure, primarily carried out using Air-Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCMs), particularly the modern AS-23a KODIAK. Here, we delve into the key findings and concerns outlined in this intelligence report as of September 16.

Russia’s Targeting of Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure:

Between October 2022 and March 2023, Russia intensified its efforts to target Ukraine’s national energy infrastructure through a series of long-range strikes. These strikes, aimed at disrupting Ukraine’s energy supply, posed a significant threat to the country’s stability.

Role of Air-Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCMs):

At the center of these strike missions were Air-Launched Cruise Missiles, with the modern AS-23a KODIAK being prominently featured. ALCMs are known for their precision and ability to deliver devastating blows to strategic targets, making them a formidable weapon in modern warfare.

Strategic Bomber Aircraft:

Russian strategic bomber aircraft were used to release these ALCMs, launching them from within Russian territory. This tactic allowed Russia to strike deep into Ukrainian territory with a high degree of accuracy.

Reduction in ALCM Expenditure Rates:

Open source reports have suggested that since April 2023, there has been a reduction in the expenditure rates of ALCMs. This shift in strategy may indicate a change in Russia’s approach to the conflict.

Increase in Cruise Missile Production:

Russian leadership has openly highlighted efforts to increase the rate of cruise missile production. This suggests that Russia is actively working to bolster its stockpile of ALCMs, potentially for future use.

Concerns Over Winter Offensive:

British intelligence agencies express realistic concerns that Russia may again focus these ALCMs against Ukrainian infrastructure targets over the winter. Such actions could have severe implications for Ukraine, particularly in terms of energy security and overall stability.


The British intelligence update on the Ukraine War, as of September 16, highlights the ongoing threat posed by Russian long-range strikes using Air-Launched Cruise Missiles. While there has been a reduction in ALCM expenditure rates, the increase in cruise missile production raises concerns about the potential for future attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, especially during the winter months. The conflict continues to evolve, and it is crucial for the international community to closely monitor these developments and explore diplomatic avenues to mitigate the impact of the war on Ukraine and its people.

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