Ukraine War

British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Sep. 22

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to evolve, with both Russia and Ukraine experiencing unusually intense attacks deep within their territories. British intelligence reports provide insights into the recent developments as of September 22, highlighting significant events in the war zone.

Unprecedented Attacks in Multiple Regions:

Over the past four days, a series of highly intense attacks have unfolded, impacting key military sites and infrastructure in both Russia and Ukraine. Notably, these attacks have occurred deep behind the lines of both parties involved in the conflict.

Reports have emerged of explosions at Russian logistics sites, air bases, and command posts located in Crimea, the Krasnodar region, and even near Moscow itself. These developments indicate a significant escalation in hostilities, with both sides seemingly targeting vital assets within their opponent’s territory.

Focus on the Black Sea Fleet:

British intelligence suggests that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has once again been heavily targeted in these recent attacks. This naval force, based in the Black Sea region, holds strategic importance in the ongoing conflict, and its vulnerability has attracted considerable attention from opposing forces.

Chkalovsky Air Base: A Critical Location:

Of particular concern to Russian leadership are the reported explosions at Chkalovsky Air Base, situated near Moscow. This location is highly sensitive as it serves as a hub for specialist military aircraft and VIP transport used by Russian leaders. Attacks on this air base raise significant strategic concerns for Russian authorities.

COOT Special Mission Aircraft Damage:

The intelligence reports highlight the relevance of damage sustained by a COOT special mission aircraft during these attacks. Although the exact variant is unspecified, COOT aircraft play crucial roles, including electronic intelligence collection. Targeting such assets indicates a concerted effort to disrupt Russian intelligence-gathering capabilities.

Escalation of Long-Range Strikes:

Russia’s recent actions include launching long-range strikes at targets across Ukraine on multiple occasions in the past week. This escalation in intensity may be partially attributed to events within Russia and Crimea. As the ground battle in Ukraine remains relatively static, both sides are seeking to gain advantages by targeting each other’s strategic assets and depth.


The British intelligence update on the Ukraine War as of September 22 underscores the recent surge in hostilities and attacks, which have impacted crucial military sites and infrastructure in both Russia and Ukraine. The targeting of Chkalovsky Air Base near Moscow and damage to COOT special mission aircraft demonstrates the strategic significance of these developments.

As the conflict continues to evolve, it remains a complex and fluid situation with potential implications for regional stability and international relations. The escalation in long-range strikes underscores the determination of both sides to secure an advantage in this protracted and deeply entrenched conflict. International observers will closely monitor these developments, recognizing their potential to reshape the dynamics of the Ukraine War.

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