Ukraine War

British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Sep. 30

As of September 30, 2023, British intelligence agencies have provided significant insights into the evolving dynamics of the Ukraine War, shedding light on Russia’s strategies and the role of volunteer fighting units. Recent developments, including a high-profile meeting and the actions of key individuals, offer valuable information on Russia’s approach to the conflict.

The Putin-Troshev Meeting

On September 29, 2023, Russian authorities released footage showing President Putin meeting with Andrei Troshev, the former Chief of Staff of the Wagner Group, a private military company. During this meeting, Troshev was tasked with overseeing and establishing new volunteer fighting units, signaling Russia’s commitment to sustaining its efforts in the Ukraine War. Deputy Defence Minister Yunus-Bek Yevkurov was also present at this meeting, highlighting the importance of the occasion.

Troshev’s Intriguing Transition

Notably, Andrei Troshev’s role has undergone a significant transformation since the June 2023 insurrection. Troshev, previously associated with the Wagner Group, has now taken up a position within the official security forces. This transition raises questions about his involvement in encouraging other Wagner personnel to sign contracts and potentially contributing to the insurrection. This shift may have led many Wagner veterans to perceive Troshev as a traitor.

Yevkurov’s African Tour

In a separate development, Deputy Defence Minister Yunus-Bek Yevkurov has been observed touring African states. This raises interesting questions about Russia’s strategic interests in Africa and the potential role of Yevkurov in furthering these interests. The fact that Yevkurov was present at the Putin-Troshev meeting suggests his significance in Russia’s approach to the Ukraine War.

Presidential Endorsement and Future Planning

The endorsement of Troshev and Yevkurov by President Putin underscores Russia’s ongoing utilization of volunteer units and private military companies in the conflict. It also hints at Russia’s strategic planning for the future of the Wagner Group and similar entities. Russia appears willing to draw upon the expertise of veterans who can demonstrate their loyalty to the state, particularly those involved in activities in the Global South. However, this is likely to come with increased oversight from the Kremlin, indicating a desire for greater control and coordination in these efforts.


The British intelligence update provides crucial insights into the evolving situation in the Ukraine War and Russia’s approach to the conflict. The meeting between President Putin, Andrei Troshev, and Deputy Defence Minister Yevkurov highlights the significance of volunteer units and private military companies in Russia’s strategy. The transformation of Troshev’s role and Yevkurov’s African tour suggest evolving dynamics within Russia’s military efforts. As this situation continues to develop, it is vital for the international community to monitor these changes and their potential impact on the Ukraine War and broader geopolitical considerations.

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