Ukraine War

British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Sep. 4

As of September 4, 2023, British intelligence, in collaboration with international partners, has issued a concerning update regarding a malware campaign aimed at compromising Android mobile devices used by the Ukrainian military. The campaign, attributed to the Russian cyber threat group Sandworm, underscores Russia’s persistent use of cyber capabilities to further its objectives in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The Malware: ‘Infamous Chisel’

The malware in question, known as ‘Infamous Chisel,’ has emerged as a potent tool in the hands of the Sandworm group. Sandworm has previously been linked to the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate’s (GRU) Main Centre for Special Technologies (GTsST). This connection raises serious concerns about state-sponsored cyber activities targeting Ukraine.

‘Infamous Chisel’ is designed to grant cyber attackers persistent access to compromised Android devices and facilitate the collection and exfiltration of data from these devices. Importantly, this malware targets specific applications used by the Ukrainian military, making it a particularly tailored and dangerous tool for cyber espionage.

Stealing Sensitive Military Information

The primary objective of ‘Infamous Chisel’ appears to be the theft of sensitive military information. By compromising the Android devices used by Ukrainian military personnel, the malware allows attackers to access critical data and potentially gain insights into military operations, strategies, and communications.

Russia’s Continued Use of Cyber Capabilities

The deployment of ‘Infamous Chisel’ and its connection to the Sandworm group signal Russia’s unwavering commitment to leveraging cyber capabilities in support of its invasion of Ukraine. This is not the first instance of Russia employing cyberattacks as part of its broader military strategy in the region. It serves as a reminder of the evolving nature of modern conflict, where digital warfare plays an increasingly prominent role alongside traditional military tactics.


The report from British intelligence, in collaboration with international partners, serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges and threats posed by state-sponsored cyberattacks in the context of the Ukraine War. ‘Infamous Chisel’ represents a concerning development in the cyber domain, and its implications for the security and privacy of Ukrainian military personnel are grave.

The international community must remain vigilant in monitoring and responding to such cyber threats, and nations must continue to work together to strengthen cybersecurity measures, share threat intelligence, and deter malicious actors from engaging in cyber espionage and warfare. The situation in Ukraine highlights the complex and multifaceted nature of modern conflict, where both physical and digital arenas are intertwined and demand coordinated efforts to address emerging threats.

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