Ukraine War

British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Sep. 5

British intelligence has issued an update on the situation in the occupied regions of Ukraine, shedding light on the upcoming elections scheduled to take place from September 8 to 10, 2023. These elections, set to coincide with those in the Russian Federation, have raised concerns regarding their fairness, transparency, and legitimacy. The report highlights several troubling aspects, including a lack of qualified candidates, absence of independent choices, and potential voter manipulation.

Elections in Occupied Ukrainian Regions

Russian authorities in the occupied regions of Ukraine have announced plans to hold elections concurrently with those in Russia. Voting has already commenced in Zaporizhzhia and Mariupol, regions that have been under occupation.

Challenges with Candidate Selection

While over 1,000 candidates have been identified, the report notes concerns about their qualifications, experience, and willingness to participate. This raises questions about the quality of candidates available for voters to choose from.

Absence of Independent Candidates

Another worrisome aspect is the absence of independent candidates who are not affiliated with Kremlin-endorsed parties. This absence suggests that the elections may not be genuinely free and fair, as a lack of independent choices limits voters’ options and could result in a predetermined outcome.

Questionable Voter Registration

The Ukrainian Centre of National Resistance has alleged that the occupation administrations have significantly inflated the number of voters on the electoral register. Such manipulation of voter numbers can cast doubt on the integrity of the electoral process.

Predicted Outcome and United Russia’s Dominance

Kremlin polls indicate that the United Russia party, the dominant political force in the Russian Federation, is expected to secure 80 percent of the vote in the four occupied regions. This prediction raises concerns about the potential consolidation of power by the United Russia party and the Kremlin’s influence in the occupied territories.


The British intelligence report paints a concerning picture of the upcoming elections in the occupied regions of Ukraine. The lack of qualified candidates, absence of independent choices, questionable voter registration practices, and the predicted dominance of the United Russia party all point to a potential lack of transparency and fairness in these elections. As these events unfold, the international community will closely monitor developments in the occupied regions and their implications for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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