Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Sep. 18

Source: General Staff Ukraine

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has witnessed significant developments, with the Armed Forces of Ukraine providing updated figures regarding Russian combat losses as of September 18. The data sheds light on the toll the war has taken on Russian personnel and military equipment.

Personnel Losses

The latest figures indicate that Russian combat losses have resulted in the tragic deaths of over 620 personnel. This loss of life underscores the human cost of the conflict, with both sides experiencing casualties as a consequence of the hostilities.

Losses in Military Equipment

In addition to the human toll, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have reported losses in various categories of military equipment used by Russian forces. These losses include:

  1. Tanks: Russian forces have suffered the loss of three tanks, representing a significant blow to their armored capabilities.
  2. Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs): Six APCs have been reported as casualties in the conflict, impacting Russian troop mobility and protection.
  3. Artillery Systems: The conflict has seen the destruction of 24 artillery systems, which play a crucial role in both offensive and defensive operations.
  4. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): The loss of 27 UAVs is indicative of the ongoing battle for aerial reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities.
  5. Vehicles: The conflict has resulted in the destruction of 34 vehicles, impacting logistics and transportation within Russian military units.

These losses underscore the intensity of the fighting and the significant material cost incurred by Russian forces as they engage in the Ukraine War.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine’s update on Russian combat losses as of September 18 provides a glimpse into the toll the ongoing conflict has taken on Russian personnel and military equipment. The numbers reflect the gravity of the situation, with casualties and equipment losses on both sides of the conflict. As the Ukraine War continues, it remains a dynamic and evolving situation, and further updates are expected as the conflict unfolds.

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