Russia’s combat losses as of Sep. 19

Source: General Staff Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine, which began in 2022, continues to shape the geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe. As of September 19, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have released updated figures regarding Russian combat losses in the ongoing Ukraine War. These losses provide insights into the ongoing dynamics of the conflict and the toll it has taken on Russian military assets. In this article, we will break down the reported losses in personnel and equipment.

Personnel Losses

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian combat losses in terms of personnel have reached a grim milestone, with a reported 520 personnel having lost their lives in the conflict. These figures underscore the human cost of the ongoing fighting and the sacrifices made by individuals on both sides of the conflict. The toll on Russian personnel highlights the protracted nature of the Ukraine War and the challenges faced by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Losses in Tanks and Armored Vehicles

In terms of armored assets, Russia has reportedly lost five tanks and 17 armored personnel carriers (APCs) as of September 19, 2023. Tanks are a vital component of modern ground warfare, and the loss of five such vehicles represents a significant blow to Russian armored capabilities in the region. Additionally, the loss of 17 APCs further diminishes their ability to transport troops safely on the battlefield.

Artillery and UAV Losses

Artillery systems play a crucial role in modern warfare, providing long-range firepower and the ability to support ground operations. The Ukrainian Armed Forces report that Russia has lost 35 artillery systems in the conflict. This includes a variety of artillery pieces, which can range from howitzers to rocket launchers, highlighting the diversity of capabilities that have been affected.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has become increasingly prevalent in contemporary warfare due to their reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities. Ukraine claims that Russia has lost 15 UAVs in the ongoing conflict. These losses can disrupt Russian intelligence gathering and reconnaissance efforts, impacting their ability to gather information and coordinate operations effectively.

Losses in Vehicles

In addition to the aforementioned losses, Russia has reportedly lost 30 vehicles in the conflict. This category encompasses a wide range of vehicles, from transport trucks to specialized military vehicles. These losses can hamper logistical support and mobility for Russian forces operating in Ukraine.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine’s report on Russian combat losses in the Ukraine War as of September 19, 2023, provides valuable insights into the ongoing dynamics of the conflict. The significant personnel and equipment losses underscore the enduring nature of the conflict and the challenges faced by Russian forces in Ukraine. The toll on both sides serves as a somber reminder of the human cost of war and the importance of seeking peaceful resolutions to international disputes. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains crucial to monitor developments and strive for a diplomatic solution to bring an end to the suffering in Ukraine.

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