Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Sep. 21

Source: General Staff Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine, which began in 2022, continues to be a matter of international concern. As of September 21, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have released updated figures on Russian combat losses in the ongoing Ukraine War. These figures shed light on the toll this protracted conflict has taken on Russian military personnel and equipment.

Russian Combat Personnel Losses:

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian combat personnel losses stand at a significant 490 individuals as of September 21. This figure highlights the continued engagement of Russian military forces in the region despite numerous international efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Losses in Heavy Armor:

The data further reveals that Russia has lost 3 tanks and 15 armored personnel carriers (APCs) in the ongoing conflict. The loss of these armored units underscores the intense fighting and the Ukrainian military’s ability to effectively counter Russian armored advances.

Artillery and UAV Losses:

Artillery has played a crucial role in the Ukraine War, and the statistics indicate that Russia has lost 41 artillery systems. These losses could impact the Russian military’s ability to provide artillery support to its ground forces.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have become increasingly important in modern warfare, providing valuable reconnaissance and targeting capabilities. The Ukrainian military has reported that Russia lost 29 UAVs in the conflict. These losses could hamper Russian intelligence-gathering efforts.

Vehicle Losses:

In addition to tanks and APCs, Russia has lost 37 vehicles, indicating the ongoing challenges of maintaining supply lines and troop mobility in a conflict that spans a vast and varied terrain.


The updated data on Russian combat losses underscores the ongoing intensity of the conflict in Ukraine. It highlights the sacrifices made by both Ukrainian and Russian military personnel and the toll on equipment, particularly in armored and artillery units.

Furthermore, these statistics serve as a reminder of the importance of international diplomacy and conflict resolution efforts. The Ukraine War has lasting consequences not only for the parties involved but also for the broader international community.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine’s release of updated data on Russian combat losses in the Ukraine War as of September 21, 2023, offers a glimpse into the ongoing challenges and sacrifices in this protracted conflict. The toll on personnel and equipment highlights the continued intensity of the fighting and underscores the importance of pursuing diplomatic solutions to bring an end to this devastating conflict.

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