Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Sep. 13

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Several massive explosions at the naval port in Sevastopol, Crimea were caught on video tonight, the strikes were 230km from the frontline. This could mark the first and largest Storm Shadow and SCALP-EG Cruise Missile attack on Sevastopol by Ukrainian Armed Forces during the war

In the Zaporizhzia direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with the support of artillery, reached Novoprokopivka and attacked in a forest plantation one and a half kilometers north of the village.

Russian sources claim the AFU has also become active west of Robotyne towards Kopani. Geolocated footage shows the AFU has advanced slightly closer to Verbove.

Two separate video’s emerged which confirm Ukrainian forces presence inside Klishchiivka. The fight is still ongoing for the northeastern part, Russian forces reportedly brought in reserves to restore positions.

General Updates:

The Ukrainian aviation concern Antonov has switched to the production of drones. Antonov’s new drone centre was opened with the aim of enhancing unmanned systems manufacturing capabilities and providing support to private unmanned systems manufacturers.

The Swedish government will shortly commission the Swedish Armed Forces to investigate the conditions for sending JAS-39 Gripen to Ukraine. The government wants information on how a handover affects Sweden’s defense capabilities and how they are replaced.

Denmark announced a new financial aid package to Ukraine worth $833 million that is ment for procurement of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, tank ammunition and anti-aircraft guns. It is the largest Danish aid package to Ukraine thus far.

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