Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Sep. 15

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

The General Staff of Ukraine in their early briefing reports that Andriivka, south of Bakhmut has officially been liberated by Ukrainian forces.

It is reported that Ukraine took an important height southeast of Robotyne making an advance towards Novoprokopivka more favorable.

Footage emerged from the Ropucha class Minsk warsgip that was hit with Storm Shadow missiles. The warship is completely out of service.

General Updates:

Ukrainian pilots have now been allowed to test fly the Gripen fighter plane, Defense Minister Pal Jonson wrote. The pilots have undergone orientation training which includes test flights in both aircraft and simulator and briefings for ground personnel.

Ukraine received a $1.25 billion grant from the US. The funds will be directed to support vulnerable groups of the population, as well as those who work to ensure the performance of state functions and the provision of educational and medical services.

President Zelenskyi will meet with US President Joe Biden next week. Zelenskyi will likely attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

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