Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Sep. 28

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Ilya Yevlash confirmed Russia is preparing new assault groups in the northeast while Ukraine is continuing its attack on Verbove and Novoprokopivka, PMC Wagner is also active again.

The Armed forces of Ukraine has expelled Russians east of the railway tracks near the entrance of Andriivka. North of Klishchiivka, the area west of the railway tracks is now fully under Ukrainian control.

Ukrainian forces entered the northern parts of Novoprokopivka and was able to land troops there. Meanwhile Ukrainian forces have conducted operations east of the settlement and have probed the first streets.

General Updates:

NATO will increase the production of ammunition both for Ukraine and for NATO member countries that have transferred a significant share of their weapons to Ukraine. US Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith said during the Win the War Win the Peace forum.

Germany is holding off sending Taurus long-range precision missiles to Ukraine because of concerns they would require German technicians to operate on the ground, which some officials fear could drag Berlin closer to a direct confrontation with Russia.

Bulgaria’s Parliament approved the transfer of unserviceable S-300 missiles to Ukraine. Parliamentary defence committee head Hristo Gadzhev said that the number of missiles that will be provided to Ukraine is minimal.

Cryptocurrency platform Binance will exit Russia, selling its operations in the country to new crypto exchange CommEX. Binance will have no ongoing revenue split from the sale, nor any option to buy back shares in the business.

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