Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Sep. 5

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced west of Verbove by entering a part of the infantry trenches behind the anti-tank ditches. Russian defensive positions west of the infantry trench become untenable and heavy armor can be transferred in, making the anti-tank ditch useless.

Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said that Ukrainian troops liberated 3km² last week in the Bakhmut direction while also continuing the offensive in the Novodanylivka-Novoprokopivka sector.

Russian sources reports that the Ukrainian forces are advancing in the gray zone east of Novoprokopivka towards Ocheretuvate.

General Updates:

The President of Türkiye said that during the meeting with Vladimir Putin, the issue of settling the issue on the grain deal was raised. However, the proposed alternatives did not meet Russian expectations in terms of security and other aspects.

A document appeared online which allegedly shows a mobilization order from Russian Defense Minister Shoigu. In total, 200.000 men need to be mobilized by November 1. Shoigu’s decision takes effect on September 11.

Pope Francis admitted that his recent comments about Russia, which were seen as glorifying imperialism, were poorly worded and stressed that his intention was to remind young Russians of a great cultural heritage, not a political one.

Belgium purchased a stock of Sea Sparrow missiles following the decommissioning of the last German frigate which still used them. The missiles will be sent to Ukraine.

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