Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Sep. 6

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

West of Verbove Ukrainian forces has advanced beyond the anti vehicle defenses of the first line of the Russian defensive network and have entered trenches behind the line.

Armed forces of Ukraine has also made minor advances south of Robotyne. In Kam’yans’ke, Ukrainian forces has advanced and taken positions south of the river.

he Russian Defense Ministry claimed a Ukrainian drone was destroyed over Russia’s Bryansk Oblast at around midnight on Sept. 5.

General Updates:

The UK government plans to recognize the Russian mercenary group Wagner as a terrorist organization. The draft order, which will be presented in the parliament, will allow the assets of the PMC to be classified as terrorist property and seized.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that North Korea will pay a price if it provides Russia with weapons for use in Ukraine. His comments follow reports that Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin may meet in Russia later this month to discuss a news arms deal.

Umerov was dismissed from his current position as head of the State Property Fund to be able to get chosen as Minister of Defense.

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