Ukraine War

British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Oct. 16

As of October 16, British intelligence agencies have provided an update on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, shedding light on the activities of a purported Private Military Company (PMC) named Redut. This update outlines significant developments in the region.

Recruitment of Mercenaries:

Redut, operating under the façade of “volunteers,” is actively recruiting mercenaries, including former personnel associated with the notorious Wagner Group. This recruitment strategy raises concerns about the group’s intentions and the potential for escalation in the conflict.

Russian Involvement:

British intelligence suggests that the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) likely supervises and financially supports Redut’s activities, including recruitment efforts. This connection underscores the involvement of Russian state entities in supporting non-state actors in the conflict.

Geographical Operations:

Since the commencement of the invasion, Redut has been participating in combat operations across various Ukrainian regions, including Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Luhansk oblasts. The group is believed to have a considerable force, with estimates indicating that it may consist of over 7,000 personnel.

Augmentation of Russian Regular Forces:

Redut is one of several PMCs and Volunteer Corps units currently being utilized by the Russian Ministry of Defence to augment their regular military forces. This strategy suggests the importance of such non-state actors in the broader Russian military operations in the region.

Avoidance of Mobilizations:

The report highlights a realistic possibility that the Russian Ministry of Defence’s practice of recruiting through “volunteer” units has played a role in preventing further unpopular mobilizations. This approach allows Russia to maintain a level of deniability and flexibility in its military actions while avoiding large-scale, overt deployments.

The situation in Ukraine remains complex and fluid, with non-state actors like Redut adding an additional layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict. International observers continue to closely monitor developments in the region, with the hope of achieving a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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