Hamas’s Deceptive Tactics and how Israel Was Duped Before Devastating Assault

Hamas, the Palestinian organization executed a cunning and deceptive plan that caught Israel off guard in a devastating assault. Employing unconventional intelligence tactics, Hamas gave the impression of avoiding confrontation with Israel while secretly preparing for a massive operation. This article delves into the details of Hamas’s deceptive strategy and the events leading up to the assault.

Hamas’s Deceptive Maneuvers:

  1. Misleading Impression: Hamas adopted a strategic approach to mislead Israel by publicly portraying itself as unprepared for conflict or confrontation. This created a false impression that Hamas was not willing to engage in hostilities with Israel.
  2. Unprecedented Deception: Hamas utilized an unprecedented intelligence tactic to deceive Israel, effectively concealing its true intentions for several months. While projecting a desire for financial negotiations, Hamas was clandestinely preparing for a major offensive.

The Operation Day:

On the day of the operation, Hamas executed its plan in four distinct phases, as described by a Hamas source:

  1. Rocket Barrage: Hamas initiated the assault with a massive rocket barrage, firing approximately 3,000 rockets from Gaza. This initial wave of attacks coincided with incursions by fighters who utilized hang gliders to cross the border into Israel.
  2. Ground Infiltration: Fighters who arrived on hang gliders secured the terrain to allow an elite commando unit to breach the fortified electronic and cement wall that separates Gaza from Israeli settlements. The wall was designed to prevent infiltration.
  3. Wall Breach: Using explosives, the fighters breached the barriers, and then swiftly crossed on motorbikes. Bulldozers were deployed to widen the gaps, enabling more fighters to enter the Israeli settlements via four-wheel drives.
  4. Commando Unit Assault: An elite commando unit attacked the Israeli army’s southern Gaza headquarters, disrupting communications and preventing personnel from contacting their commanders or each other.

Hostage Movement: The final phase of the operation involved moving hostages into Gaza, which was mostly achieved early in the attack, according to a source close to Hamas. The exact nature and identities of the hostages were not disclosed in the report.


Hamas’s deceptive tactics and surprise assault caught Israel off guard, leading to a significant and unexpected escalation of hostilities. The meticulously planned operation involved a combination of rocket attacks, ground infiltration, and disruption of Israeli military communication. As the situation in the region evolves, further developments and responses from both sides are anticipated, adding complexity to an already volatile geopolitical landscape.

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