Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Nov. 1

As of November 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have reported significant losses inflicted upon Russian military forces in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The data paints a grim picture of the toll the war has taken on the Russian side, with substantial casualties and the destruction of military equipment.

According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the following losses have been recorded:

  • Personnel: The most significant loss is in personnel, with a staggering number of over 680 Russian combatants affected. This emphasizes the heavy human cost of the war.
  • Tanks: The Russian forces have seen a significant decrease in tank numbers, with at least 12 tanks reported as lost.
  • Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs): The conflict has also resulted in the loss of approximately 30 Russian APCs, further impacting the mobility and defensive capabilities of the Russian troops.
  • Artillery Systems: The Ukrainian report indicates the destruction of 23 Russian artillery systems, which are crucial in long-range and indirect fire support.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): 28 UAVs, commonly used for reconnaissance and surveillance, have been neutralized.
  • Vehicles: Additionally, 34 vehicles have been reported as lost, affecting the logistical capacity of Russian military operations.

These figures represent the toll of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as of November 1, and they underscore the challenges and losses faced by the Russian military in this protracted and devastating war. The conflict continues to have a profound impact on both military personnel and equipment on both sides of the conflict, with no immediate resolution in sight.

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