Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Oct. 1

Source: General Staff Ukraine

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has continued to draw international attention since its inception. With each passing day, the situation on the ground evolves, and the casualties and losses incurred by the various parties involved continue to fluctuate. As of October 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine released the latest statistics on Russian combat losses in the Ukraine War. These figures shed light on the human and material costs endured by the Russian side in this protracted conflict.

Personnel Losses:

The data from the Armed Forces of Ukraine indicates that Russian combat losses in terms of personnel have reached a grim total of +440 individuals. This statistic highlights the human toll of the Ukraine War and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those involved in the conflict.

Losses in Heavy Armor:

In addition to personnel losses, the Russian military has also suffered significant losses in terms of heavy armor. As of October 1, these losses include:

  1. Tanks: +11
  2. Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs): +7

The loss of these armored assets underscores the intensity of the conflict and the importance of armored units in modern warfare.

Artillery and Equipment Losses:

The conflict in Ukraine has also witnessed the destruction of various types of artillery systems and equipment by the Russian side. According to the provided data:

  1. Artillery Systems: +30
  2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): +37
  3. Vehicles: +29

These losses reflect the multifaceted nature of the conflict, with both conventional and asymmetrical warfare tactics being employed by the parties involved.

Analyzing the Impact:

The figures presented by the Armed Forces of Ukraine provide a snapshot of the losses incurred by the Russian military as of October 1. It is important to note that these numbers represent a portion of the overall casualties and losses sustained during the course of the Ukraine War. The conflict has led to a complex humanitarian crisis, displacing civilians, and causing significant destruction.

The data underscores the challenges and complexities of modern warfare, where the use of heavy armor, artillery, and advanced technology is commonplace. The Ukraine War serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of armed conflict, with both sides paying a high price in terms of lives and resources.


As the Ukraine War continues to evolve, the statistics on combat losses on both sides are expected to change. The figures provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of October 1 reveal the toll this conflict has taken on the Russian military in terms of personnel, heavy armor, and equipment losses. It is essential to keep in mind that behind these numbers are individuals who have been directly affected by the conflict, highlighting the urgency for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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