Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Oct. 22

The conflict in Ukraine, which has been ongoing for several months, continues to take a heavy toll on both sides. Recent data from the Armed Forces of Ukraine reveals that Russian combat losses have reached alarming numbers as of October 22. The figures shed light on the human and material cost of this protracted conflict:

Personnel Losses:

The Ukrainian military reports that a total of 980 Russian personnel have been lost in the Ukraine War, underlining the grim reality of the situation. Each statistic represents a life, a family, and a story of sacrifice.

Losses in Armor:

Russian armored units have not been spared. The data reveals that 18 Russian tanks and 19 armored personnel carriers (APCs) have been taken out of commission. The destruction of these vehicles significantly impacts Russia’s battlefield capabilities and underscores the intensity of the conflict.

Artillery Systems:

Artillery is a critical component of modern warfare, and Ukraine’s report indicates the loss of 15 Russian artillery systems. This means a reduction in the ability to deliver firepower and support ground operations.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):

Nine UAVs belonging to the Russian forces have been downed or destroyed. UAVs play a crucial role in reconnaissance and target acquisition, and their loss hampers the Russian military’s ability to gather intelligence.


Additionally, 13 Russian military vehicles have been lost in the conflict. These losses include troop transport and logistics vehicles, further straining the Russian military’s ability to sustain its operations in the region.

The figures provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine depict the ongoing human and material cost of the Ukraine War. This protracted conflict has affected the lives of countless individuals and demonstrates the persistence of tensions in the region. As the conflict endures, the world watches closely, hoping for a peaceful resolution that can end the suffering and loss on both sides.

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