Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Oct. 29

Russian involvement in the ongoing Ukraine War has been a topic of concern for the international community. The conflict, which began in 2022, has seen its fair share of casualties and destruction. According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the latest update on combat losses sustained by Russian forces as of October 29 is as follows:


Russia has reported a loss of more than 660 military personnel in the ongoing conflict. This figure underscores the human cost of the war for the Russian military.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have reported the destruction of 8 Russian tanks. Tanks are formidable assets on the battlefield, and the loss of 8 of them is a significant blow to the Russian military’s armored capabilities.

APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers):

The Ukrainian forces have also managed to take out 9 Russian APCs. These vehicles play a crucial role in troop transportation and support, and their loss further weakens Russia’s ground capabilities.

Artillery Systems:

Russian artillery systems are known for their firepower and ability to strike from a distance. However, as of October 29, Ukraine has managed to eliminate 8 of these systems, reducing the threat posed by Russian artillery.

Cruise Missiles:

The use of cruise missiles in modern warfare is a deadly tactic. Ukraine has reported the destruction of 3 Russian cruise missiles, limiting the potential for long-range precision strikes.


In addition to the loss of tanks and APCs, Ukraine has also managed to take out 8 other Russian vehicles. This includes a range of transport and support vehicles vital for the Russian military’s logistical operations.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has been marked by its toll on human lives and the extensive damage caused to military assets. While the numbers provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine shed light on the losses sustained by Russian forces, it’s essential to remember that the broader impact of this conflict extends to civilian populations, infrastructure, and the geopolitical landscape.

Efforts to resolve the Ukraine War continue on diplomatic fronts, but as of October 29, the conflict shows no sign of immediate resolution. The situation remains complex and challenging, with ongoing implications for the region and the world at large.

As more developments arise, the international community will closely monitor the situation in Ukraine, hoping for a peaceful resolution that can put an end to the suffering and losses experienced by all parties involved.

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