Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Oct. 5

Source: General Staff Ukraine

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has been a source of global concern and attention for several months. As of October 5, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have reported significant combat losses incurred by Russian forces. This article provides a summary of the latest data, shedding light on the toll the conflict has taken on personnel and equipment.

Personnel Losses:

The most striking figure in the latest update is the loss of 580 Russian personnel. These individuals, who represent a mix of soldiers, officers, and support staff, have made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of their military objectives. This number underscores the human cost of the conflict and serves as a reminder of the toll that warfare exacts on individuals and their families.

Losses in Armor and Vehicles: In addition to personnel losses, Russian forces have suffered significant setbacks in terms of armored vehicles and other military hardware:

  1. Tanks: 12 Russian tanks have been destroyed in the conflict as of October 5. Tanks are formidable assets on the battlefield, and their loss represents a significant blow to any military operation.
  2. APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers): Ukrainian forces have successfully targeted and destroyed 26 Russian APCs. These vehicles play a crucial role in transporting troops and providing cover in combat situations.
  3. Artillery Systems: 31 Russian artillery systems have been taken out of action. Artillery plays a pivotal role in both offensive and defensive operations, making these losses particularly impactful.
  4. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles): 8 Russian UAVs have been downed by Ukrainian forces. UAVs are used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and even offensive purposes, and their loss hampers Russian military capabilities.
  5. Vehicles: 18 Russian military vehicles have been destroyed. These vehicles serve various logistical and support functions, and their loss can disrupt the flow of supplies and reinforcements to frontline units.


The data provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine highlights the challenges and costs of the ongoing conflict. While these figures represent losses for the Russian side, it is important to remember that the conflict has caused suffering and loss on both sides, including civilian casualties and displacement.

The latest update also underscores the importance of diplomatic efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The toll in human lives and military hardware should serve as a reminder of the urgency of negotiations and the need to find a path towards a lasting peace in the region.


As of October 5, 2023, the conflict in Ukraine has taken a heavy toll on Russian forces, resulting in significant personnel and equipment losses. While this data provides insight into the challenges faced by Russian military operations, it is crucial to remember that the broader impact of the conflict extends beyond numbers and statistics to the lives and well-being of individuals caught in the midst of this protracted crisis. Efforts to seek a peaceful resolution remain of paramount importance.

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