Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Oct. 13

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Ukraine is delivering devastating blows to the Russian offensive towards Avdiivka. The Russians have lost more than 15 tanks and 30 infantry fighting vehicles over the past 48 hours. One more defining battle of the war is underway.

The Armed forces of Ukraine has pushed back Russian troops from the railway tracks east of Andriivka towards Odradivka. North of Klishchiivka, Russians are trying to counter attack in bigger numbers, Ukrainian assault units held positions.

General Updates:

Spain is sending 6 additional MIM-23 Hawk air defense launchers to Ukraine which will be integrated into a US supplied battery. Spain will also deliver additional 105-mm and 155-mm artillery ammunition, field rations, generators and winter equipment.

In the coming months, The Czech Republic and Denmark will supply Ukraine with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, hand guns and ammunition of both new production and from the warehouses of Czech private companies at the expense of the Danish government.

Norwegian manufacturer of defense technology Kongsberg is sending its CORTEX Typhon integrated anti drone system to Ukraine to defend against Shahed drones.

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