Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Oct. 25

Fighting near Avdiivka continues, and Russia is trying to do everything it can to gain ground. Against any losses but it did have some success.

Terrykon is not under Russian control but heavily contested. The northern part showed a Russian flag which was taken down by a Ukrainian drone.

Russian forces keep sending big waves of armored equipment in Avdiivka front. Another Russian mechanized attack towards Stepove, trying to reach the railway tracks.

Ukrainian units resumed offensive operations towards Odradivka and pushed back Russian units significantly.

General Updates:

Germany is preparing an aid package worth €1.4 billion and includes Patriot, IRIS-T and Gepard air defense systems, Chancellor Scholz said at the opening of the 6th German-Ukrainian Economic Forum.

Ukraine’s application for EU membership will be evaluated on November 8. A decision is expected during a summit of EU leaders on December 14-15 on whether to launch formal membership negotiations with Ukraine.

Russian helicopter attacks massively decreased after the attack on Berdyansk airport, national security and defense council secretary Oleksii Danilov said.

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